The project is fully supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.: UGC/IDS(R)24/22).

The Research Centre for Green Business (RCGB) was set up on 1 January 2023.


To plan for a low-carbon future, organisations need to integrate green strategies into their long-term organisational goals. Organisations take responsibility for developing green practices by integrating green business solutions into all stages of the value chain, including manufacturing, logistics, accounting, finance, human resources management, marketing, and services. An environmentally aware organisation considers both its profits and its impact on the community, society, and environment. The RCGB aims to conduct research on green practices across business processes in various industries.

The RCGB will serve as a hub to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and generate high-quality research. It will also provide timely green business solutions to companies and the community of Hong Kong and enhance the research capabilities of PolyU SPEED.

Our purpose is to promote green practices by conducting innovative research, share green business knowledge with global and local academics, and advocate for green business practices with industries, business organisations, and government bodies through various research outputs, applications, and activities.

For the sustainability of the project, we will also establish the 'Green Hub', an e-platform to share green business practices with scholars in the community of self-financing institutions, offering a foundation for academics to generate quality research ideas and scholarly outputs.

To help Hong Kong deal with green business challenges and to capitalise on PolyU SPEED's expertise in a diverse portfolio of business disciplines, the Research Centre for Green Business (RCGB) aims to achieve the following OBJECTIVES within the 3-year cycle:

  1. To develop the research capabilities of PolyU SPEED academic staff in conducting research on green business practices.
  2. To advance green business knowledge and know-how through research projects and scholarly activities.
  3. To share research and the related practical applications and insights with other researchers, scholars, industry practitioners, and government bodies via the 'Green Hub' e-platform and activities including research seminars, public lectures, a conference, a visiting scholars programme, and consultation sessions.
  4. To strengthen industrial engagement and serve the community by solving problems in green business practices with the knowledge obtained through providing various research activities.
  5. To underpin high-quality teaching with the knowledge created through the research activities.